International Beach Clean Up Day

Did you know that all the #plastics and abandoned waste on our planet could occupy the territorial extension of a continent?

So far, seven islands have been identified across the seas and oceans around the globe; islands composed of gigantic accumulations of garbage, some of them with an area of 2.5 million km2 (almost five times the extension of the Iberian Peninsula).

This waste, together with the microplastics derived from it, form a tide of waste that is not only found on the surface, as it ends up covering large areas of the seabed. These remains merge with plankton and other microorganisms indispensable for the #biodiversidad of the oceans. Fish end up feeding on these particles, and these in turn, end up being consumed by humans frequently.

The #océanos are the #PrincipalReservaDeBiodiversidad in the world since they constitute 90% of the planet’s habitable space, so actions such as the #limpieza of seabeds and beaches is essential for their #conservación.

On the occasion of the #DíaInternacionalDeLimpiezaDePlayas, we at Esparity Solar encourage you to participate in the #VIIIGranLimpiezaInternacionalDeFondosMarinosYPlayas organized in #Valencia by grupo de Voluntariado #GEAEspaña, in collaboration with #RedDeVigilantesMarinos, #DownValencia, #Itaca, #Pescanova and #EsparitySolar.




? When?

Sunday 25 September from 10 to 12 hrs.


? Where?

Malvarrosa Beach, Valencia


? Meeting point:

At 9:30 hrs at the ALE-HOP store, Passeig de Neptú, 72


? Dress code:

Comfortable clothing and footwear, cap/hat and sun cream


? ? ? ? Participants:

The more, the better! No matter the age!