Two projects awarded the UNEF Certificate of Excellence in Sustainability

14 September 2022

It is an honour for the Esparity Solar team that projects such as #Safarich and #Cordovilla have been recognised with the #SealOfExcellenceInSustainability promoted by UNEF Unión Española Fotovoltaica and supported by the Secretary of State for Energy of the Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico, Sara Aaegesen, and by the President of the Regional Government of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández.

#Safarich and #Cordovilla are the result of  exhaustive work to ensure a balance between economic growth, social wellbeing and care for the environment and its biodiversity.

Both projects represent our #commitment to achieve #decarbonisation and a responsible energy transition.

Thank you UNEF Unión Española Fotovoltaica, your work is vital for the companies in the photovoltaic sector in our country.