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The Cordovilla photovoltaic solar plant, located in the Navarra municipality of Ibargoiti, east of the Pamplona province, will begin to generate sustainable and renewable energy in the second half of 2023. With an area of 254.32 hectares and a total installed capacity of 149.99 MW, its 272,700 photovoltaic modules will produce an average power of 275,583 MWh annually. The latest technology in the solar panel industry has been used, and these modules will boost their useful life thanks to their “180˚ defence position” option that will prevent adverse weather conditions damaging them and affecting their productivity.

Once operational, the facility will contribute to the reduction of 181,521 tonnes of CO2 and will produce green energy for more than 86,000 Spanish households. In addition, the construction of the photovoltaic park will generate nearly 500 direct and indirect jobs locally.

The Cordovilla project has obtained the Seal of Excellence in Sustainability“, promoted by UNEF (Spanish National Photovoltaic Union), a certification that recognises compliance with the highest sustainability standards, based on criteria for optimal environmental and social integration of the PV solar plant.


The main equipment for the plant will be supplied by Gamesa Electric and STI Norland, both local suppliers in the area.

Gamesa Electric, part of the Siemens-Gamesa Renewable Energy group, is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of electrical equipment for the solar photovoltaic sector. They will supply the Cordovilla plant with the PV 3X series inverters, which have market-wide efficiency record of 99.52% and an EU value of 99.31% in certification tests carried out by CERE (Certification Entity for Renewable Energies).

The Navarra-based company STI Norland, international leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of solar trackers for photovoltaic projects, will supply the park with the STI-H250™ solar tracker, consisting of two torsion beams oriented in a north-south direction on which the photovoltaic modules are placed, and which rotate following the east-west solar trajectory. These trackers are characterised by their low visual impact, high level of productivity and maximum safety due to their protective function to defend the tracker against extreme weather conditions.

It should also be noted that the Navarrese company Bee Happy, a local business involved in the study and practice of sustainable beekeeping, will play an essential role in the plant, as some apiaries will be installed in one part of the PV solar plant (sub-section 5-6), which will significantly benefit the biodiversity of the area.



Protecting the natural environment and the local biodiversity of the area has been a priority for Esparity Solar throughout the development of the project; therefore, socio-economic measures will be implemented based on the improvement of the ecosystem, and which encourage interest in nature and environmentally sustainable energy.


Conservation of the Celigüeta Pond:

  • The surrounding area will be free of construction activities.
  •  A bird observatory will be built.
  • An access path to the photovoltaic park and the pond will be made and environmental awareness signs will be
  • included.
  • Water quality analyses will be carried out, along with censuses of amphibians and the study of the Navarra
  • Native Crayfish.
  • Cork islands covered with vegetation will be installed to provide shelter, resting and nesting areas for a large number of birds.

Monitoring the populations of Bonelli Eagle and other necrophagous birds:

  • The conservation status of the species will be monitored to better manage their populations.
  • Feeding areas will be created away from the path of the energy evacuation line.
  • Recovery of species at risk, such as the Bearded Vulture, through supplementary feeding to breeding pairs and the use of anti-poison canine patrols in the vicinity.



In terms of landscape integration, the installation has:

  • Restoration barriers that will reduce the visual alteration of the environment.
  • Permeable game fencing to facilitate grazing and the passage of animals.


Environmental education and awareness-raising activities to promote interest for nature:

  • Itineraries across the Cordovilla solar park and the Celigüeta Pond.
  • Construction workshops for insect hotels.
  • Training classes in local schools to spread the values of biodiversity conservation.


Enhanced social benefit is another of the key values in all Esparity Solar projects, which is why:

  • The construction and maintenance of the Cordovilla solar plant will generate 500 direct and indirect jobs locally.
  • Agreements for labour insertion will be signed with regional associations, such as Haritz Berri and the Down’s Syndrome Association of Navarra.


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