Developing a
sustainable future

Esparity Solar helps curb climate change by investing in renewable energy, through its activity as a developer of solar projects and its commitment to environmental protection and biodiversity.

Esparity Solar integrating ESG into its core values

At Esparity Solar we strive to improve day by day to implement quintessential measures for environmental, social and governmental (ESG) benefits.

Sustainable Solar Energy

Esparity Solar’s projects contribute to Spain’s National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) and the fulfilment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Vision for Sustainability

Our ESG Roadmap 2023 is our strategic plan to promote the sustainability of the company. It is based on the results of an internal diagnostic and materiality analysis. Our Sustainability Policy, approved by the Management Committee, is fully aligned with the ESG Roadmap and the action plans defined for each strategic area.

Sustainability Policy 2023

Corporate Governance

Esparity Solar’s Ethical Code of Conduct and Compliance provides clear guidance on expected behaviour in the workplace ; describes the company’s vision, mission, values and principles; and communicates to employees what is expected of them.

A set of guiding principles is set out in the Code of Ethics and Compliance Regulations. These are intended to ensure that our company and our employees act with honesty and integrity in all facets of their day-to-day operations and only engage in acts that promote a benefit to society.

The Criminal Risk Report identifies risks related to the company, its activities and the industry in general.

Ethical Code of Conduct & Compliance