Engineering: renewable and industrial projects

  • Preparation of planning proposals for the grid (Red El├ęctrica).
  • Preparation of preliminary projects for PV engineering, PV+BESS, stand alone, substations and evacuation lines.
  • Solar resource and radiation studies
  • Production studies with PVSyst
  • Site visit
  • Transmission and Distribution Grid capacity analysis
  • Request for access and connection to the electricity grid

Photovoltaic project management

  • Processing of permits and authorisations from greenfield to ready to build
  • Land search and close rental contacts
  • Municipalities
  • Due diligence on solar farms document processing

Environmental and social impact assessments

  • Environmental feasibility analysis and selection of suitable sites
  • Community relations plans
  • Land carrying capacity
  • Studies of affected areas and bodies
  • Environmental scope documents preparation
  • Environmental and social impact studies
  • Environmental monitoring plans

Financing and legal consultancy

  • M&A Services
  • Fund research
  • SPV training
  • Responding to allegations
  • Analysis of applicable regulations
  • Rental contracts management
  • Collaboration agreements with institutions and associations