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Valencia Plaza, Foto: Eduardo Manzana

British company Esparity Solar ‘attacks’ renewables in Spain from Valencia: 420 million in 9 plants

The Company is promoting five parks in the Valencia region 23/01/2023 – VALENCIA. Renewable energy in Spain is currently experiencing a period of effervescence, propitiated by legislation that seeks to accelerate the energy transition in order to meet European decarbonisation objectives. This is also due to the delay in their deployment in Spain compared to

21st Dec. 2022

Esparity Solar’s Serol project obtains the UNEF Certificate of Excellence for Sustainability for its good environmental and social integration practices

The Serol photovoltaic plant, to be built and operated by Esparity Solar in Salinas (Alicante), has become the tenth project to obtain the UNEF Certificate of Excellence for Sustainability. The certificate accredits ground-mounted solar power plants which give utmost importance to social and environmental integration.

14th Dec. 2022, Expansión

Esparity Solar achieves its third certificate of Excellence in Sustainability

The Valencian company has achieved this certification for one of its projects in Alicante. Esparity Solar, a company dedicated to the promotion of solar energy projects based in Valencia, has obtained the Certificate of Excellence in Sustainability for the project called Serol, located in the Alicante municipality of Salinas and with 50MW of power. This

18 November 2022, Expansion


The company is developing nine projects with 555 megawatts and expects to double this capacity. In the meantime, it is negotiating agreements to sell energy in bulk. Esparity Solar, a Valencian company specialising in renewable energy development is currently planning nine projects for building photovoltaic solar energy production plants, five of which are located in

31st August 2022


Esparity Solar’s “Salinetas” and “Salinetas II” projects, each with 50MW of power, are now open to the public. As is characteristic of the solar plants developed by Esparity Solar, all of them have compensatory measures such as the inclusion of vegetation barriers and hunting fences and are located in areas with positive urban planning compatibility.


Esparity Solar, Gold Sponsor of AVAESEN’s Second Edition of Energy Revolution 🌞🔋♻️

26th January 2023: Companies, administrations, investors, financial institutions and all the agents of green economy will meet at #EnergyRevolution, the 2nd Renewable Energy Congress organised by AVAESEN, which will feature a networking forum with more than 30 national and international speakers to inspire you on the latest trends and models that will drive green reindustrialisation.

19 Jan 2023

Esparity Solar receives the Seal of Excellence in Sustainability at UNEF conference

Esparity Solar’s #Serol solar photovoltaic #project receives  #SealOfExcellenceInSustainability during the #UNEFSustainabilityDay at the #BBVA Auditorium in Madrid. #The Seal that certifies the highest standards of #quality in terms of criteria based on: ✔️ Socio-Economic Impact ✔️ Environmental integration ✔️ Governance ✔️ Circular economy #EsparitySolar #Serol #UNEF #sustainability #commitments

19 Jan 2023, UNEF

Rodrigo Baeza Palacios is a speaker at UNEF’s sustainability conference

☀️🌱🌏 #JornadaSostenibilidadUNEF I UNEF Unión Española Fotovoltaica & BBVA: Yesterday, our colleague Rodrigo Baeza Palacios, Head of Environment at Esparity Solar, spoke to us about the extreme #importance of #communication with citizens and stakeholders in the #promotion of #solar photovoltaic energy for the completion of the #energytransition. “Human behaviour is extremely complex and the lack

21st Dec. 2022

Celia Cañas gives her outlook on the Serol project

Celia Cañas, Environmental Engineer at Esparity Solar comments that: “The Serol project is the result of thorough teamwork in which a balance between economic growth, social welfare and care for the environment and its biodiversity has been met. Serol represents Esparity Solar’s commitment to achieving decarbonisation and a responsible energy transition”. 🟢#SelloDeExcelenciaEnSostenibilidadUNEF I 🏅 Esparity Solar

November 2022

“The future of Energy” by Karima Verjee, our Sustainability officer – British Spanish Society Revista 258

It’s impossible to miss headlines about climate change and the harm that carbon emissions are doing to our planet. Not a day goes by without an alarm bell going off. Due to human activity, the temperature of the earth has increased by 1.5 degrees since the industrial revolution. Currently energy use accounts for almost 75%