Esparity Solar announces new sustainable policies and adheres to the UN Global Compact

22 October 2021

The United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are central to Esparity’s new Environmental, Social and Governance policies.

Placing sustainability at the heart of the business

Esparity Solar is a participant in the UN Global Compact. Esparity’s activities benefit the environment, mitigate the effects of climate change, and create a positive impact on society. Today Esparity announces a new ESG policy which reflects its experience, encapsulates a new commitment to sustainability and incorporates the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

To ensure ongoing compliance with its ESG policy and continue to improve on these commitments, the company has created a Sustainability Committee which will meet on a regular basis. The Committee will be led by Karima Verjee acting as Sustainability Officer.

James Sibony, CEO of Esparity, says: “We are proud to join the UN Global Compact and I am pleased that Karima Verjee has accepted the role of Sustainability Officer. Our ESG policy places sustainability and good corporate governance at the heart of our business.”

Generating 3,000MW of electricity from the sun

Esparity solar farms will generate over 3,000 MW of green solar electricity and reduce Spain’s carbon footprint by 5 million tonnes of CO2 per annum. Its projects will supply renewable energy equivalent to the needs of 2 million Spanish households. Esparity is fostering social development and creating more than 15,000 jobs across Spain. The portfolio of projects will boost the rural economy by sourcing goods and services locally in the regions of Valencia, Andalucía, Navarra, and Castilla la Mancha.

Enhanced ESG policies benefit the environment

Esparity is committed to enhancing biodiversity, flora, and fauna. By making use of existing topography, solar projects and grid connections reduce visual impact on the landscape and respect the natural formation of topsoil. In so doing, Esparity will collaborate with environmental institutions and local associations. Solar farms facilitate the passage and migration of animals and enhance natural habitats by planting suitable vegetation.

Solar farms that promote the circular economy

Esparity’s solar farms take advantage of recycled and reusable water sources. Esparity supports the Circular Economy by promoting efficient management of waste and investing in R&D that generates a positive environmental impact.

Improving society

Esparity’s headcount overall has increased by 60% in the last 12 months. Esparity promotes employee rights with full-time employees representing 92.3% of the workforce. It supports equal employment opportunities and female headcount has increased to 40%, in a sector where women represent 32% of workers. It is a member of AEMENER which advocates women’s rights in the energy sector.

Esparity continues to support professional education with 1,675 hours of staff training provided during 2020. Youth employment increased by 7.69% in 2020 to 25.00% approximately in 2021 and the company provides a range of internship opportunities. A flexible working policy enables the team to work from home and enjoy a work-life balance.