Well-being, the basis of our day-to-day office life

08/08/2023: The pleasant working environment at Esparity Solar and the motivation of the team make this company an excellent place to work and develop professionally.

In our office we promote healthy habits not only for physical but also for mental well-being, creating bonds beyond the merely professional


Healthy sustenance

Every day at mid-morning the company invites employees to healthy snacks such as fruit, yogurts and nutritious snacks. This really demonstrates that the company cares about the happiness of its employees and wants them to be as productive as possible.

English classes

Employees should always feel confident at work, and to encourage this, they are offered weekly English classes.

The Esparity League

At Esparity, we love to stay active and the ping-pong table in our office is our main ally for this. The Esparity League is already a tradition that prevents excessive sedentary lifestyles and increases friendly competition among all team members. Ping pong rallies can sometimes allow a form of multitasking: brainstorming and staying active at the same time. It has 100% staff participation.

Running and Relax Time

For two consecutive years, Esparity has participated in the annual charity run for Valencian companies (Carrera de las Empresas) which takes place in Valencia. Many months before the event, which is usually held in April or May, many employees exercise and run together after work to prepare for the race. Afterwards the company offers a lunch that also serves as a great opportunity to socialize. So now running has become a sport for many people who never considered running before.

In addition, on Thursday evenings, the company offers its facilities for yoga classes funded at the employees’ expense. The zen atmosphere created is something that some take advantage of after a busy week.