Valencian Art comes to London

31st Jan, 2023. Royal Academy in London

Thank you to the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom for offering Esparity Solar their first opportunity to attend an event organized by the Chamber in London and for allowing Anglo Spanish companies to come together in the UK at the exquisite venue of the Royal Academy in London to enjoy a private viewing of the exhibition “Spain and the Hispanic World”.

The remarks by Eduardo Barrachina, President of the Spanish Chamber; H. E. Mr. José Pascual Marco, Ambassador of Spain; and Axel Rüger, CEO of the Royal Academy touched on the celebration of the diversity of cultures (from Celtic to Islamic, Jewish and Christian) that have formed the Iberian Peninsula over four millennia reflected by the 150 masterpieces on display. The speeches also emphasized Spain’s strong links with Latin America. We were privileged to be in the company of ambassadors from the Latin American countries.

Esparity Solar is proud that Valencia showed prominence in the art display through the ceramics created by Muslim potters in Manises dating back to the fifteenth century as well as exquisite masterpieces from Valencia’s home-grown artist Joaquin Sorrolla (1863-1923).


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