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The Serol solar farm located in the municipality of Salinas, in the Alto Vinalopó region, in the Alicante province. The farm will have a total installed capacity of 49.95 MWp and will generate approximately 200 jobs locally.

Its 90,828 photovoltaic modules, distributed over almost 79 hectares, will generate an average annual power of 99,238 MWh. Once the facility is operational, it will contribute to the reduction of 61,583 tonnes of CO2 and will produce green energy that will supply more than 29,000 Spanish homes.


Serol is a project located outside the Natura 2000 Network and characterised by its high landscape integration and low visual impact, as a large part of the evacuation line will be buried and nature-restoration barriers will be installed, specially chosen to align with the topography, vegetation, and cultural elements. All this will allow an unhindered visual access to the landscape. These measures mean that this project in on course to obtain the Seal of Excellence in sustainability promoted by UNEF (Spanish Photovoltaic Union).

From a socio-economic point-of-view, Salinas and its population, together with adjacent municipalities, will see a revitalization of the area in terms of an increase in the active population, as 200 direct and indirect jobs will be generated during its construction, which will curb rural unemployment. In addition, the services of regional and local suppliers from different sectors will be needed to purchase the materials necessary for the construction of the plant.



The development of the Serol project has been based on criteria for optimal environmental and social integration of the plant, in order to meet the highest standards in terms of sustainability.


  • An extra 70 hectares of land in addition to the solar farm have been leased for environmental compensatory measures.
  • Part of the line will be buried to reduce the impact on the landscape as much as possible.
  • To protect biodiversity and its ecosystem, insect hotels, shelters and nesting boxes will be set up to encourage an increase of the flora and fauna in the area.
  • An area will be set aside for sustainable beekeeping, with apiaries for both production and research.
  • A firebreak strip will be created as a preventive measure against possible forest fires.
  • The almond trees removal was kept to an absolute minimum for the needs of the construction of the solar farm.


In terms of landscape integration, the installation includes:

  • Permeable game fencing to facilitate grazing and passage of animals.
  • Fields of pear trees in staggered rows to act as strips of woodland vegetation, that reduce the visual alteration of the environment.


Environmental education and awareness-raising activities to promote interest for nature:

  • Training classes in local school to spread the values of biodiversity conservation.
  • Construction workshops for insect hotels.


Enhanced social benefit is another of the key values in all Esparity Solar projects, which is why:

  • The construction and maintenance of the Serol farm will generate 200 direct and indirect jobs locally.
  • In cooperation with the Salinas Town Council, job offers will be published and agreements will be signed with representative regional job centers.
  • There will be collaborations through sponsorship of sporting and cultural events in the municipality.


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